Aesthetics in creative homes

New living aesthetics, creating new visual sensation

Color painting for diverse surface materials: TV wall, bedside wall, wardrobe, locker, kitchen cabinet, book cabinet,
low cabinet, etc., making your home living space more vibrant and artistic!

Membrane switch panels

Panels on sports equipment such as running machine can be embellished with gradient color change, strengthening the beauty of the design. The customized no-plate technology saves cost and time, and also enables small-quantity production, providing customers with the most tailor-made service and quality.

Machine nameplate/control panel

Color painting and printing for all kinds of metal nameplates, such as machine nameplate, instruction plate, control panel, etc.

Aluminum plate, iron, acryl, ABS, PET, PC thin-film window and other panels are all printable. Gradient colors available. No plate making is required. Accept small quantity order.

Daily necessities

Public works/advertising works